DIY Tutorial - Faux Cowhide

DIY Cowhide rug

You are either solidly on the cowhide design train or you're not. I, sadly, are (or was, wink wink ) frantically racing to hop onto that train, but my darn piggy-bank filled with cents rather than benggies was evaluating me personally down. Wah-wah. Regarding reasonable (as in crappy) end a cowhide will cost you at the least $300 as well as on top of the (such as baller) end one little rug will cost you a couple grand. Not that long ago I was perusing pinterest and found these stunners from Shades of Light.

Exactly what much more do you need? Cowhide and Gilt glittering patches? Be still my decorating heart! I do believe I've found my rug soulmate! But alas alas... the price makes it a no get. Exspecaily for a rug... you walk on... that will get dirty. that you can't wash. making sure that's ah-no.

Keeping real to form I diy'd that sucker into a silver glittering cowhide oblivion. Keep reading to see how I'a achieved it.

So pretty face-to-face ( and practical on top of that!)

Guidelines & tips:
*Start by installing the fall fabric, metal if required. You will like to put something under it considering that the paint will immerse through.
*Slop on much coating of white (off white/cream) level interior house paint. This might be key! Not merely does it include wight towards drop fabric, moreover it adds some rigidity and offers outstanding start for incorporating your colors and metallic accents. Allow dried out for two hours. You will utilize about 25 % of a gallon to pay for the whole 6'x9' DC
*After the white paint is dried out you'll need a few paint examples and a sponge. I began by gently sponging the 2 colors in patches and applied to fill-in. You prefer all the white covered with a slightly mottled surface.
*Then escape your metallic squirt paint and protect the end together with your little finger, this may cause the paint to trickle and spray. Spray away about 3' from surface. Simply FYI paint from a can is FRICKIN FREEZING so get it done in short blasts. We don't need you getting frostbite.
*After all of the paint is dried out fold the DC in half. Simply take a pen and sketch out a cowhide form from a reference picture. Trim out, unfold and adapt edges if needed.


Ever before already been actually really like truly pleased with a diy project that turned-out like, great? Really that is it for moi. I simply prop my feet through to the ottoman and look at it as the kiddos party. Yeeeeeeee!

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