DIY jeans rug

View above as Chelsea from Pittsburgh’s CW Green Team shows simple tips to develop an unique carpet using jeans from Good Will. The gift made here is perfect for a kitchen, bathroom, or room environment, but these materials and actions can be used to make numerous gift ideas including spot mats, coasters, or cooking pot holders.

Don’t worry, it’s never as difficult because looks. The fundamental idea is create an extra long braid regarding denim product, after that glue it onto a piece of base fabric.

Listed here is a list of materials you will require:

  • Scissors
  • A glue gun & glue sticks
  • An Iron & Towel to pay for your work area
  • a calculating tool, like a yard stick or ruler
  • A base piece of fabric (available scraps because of this at neighborhood art offer shop)
  • Jeans (full figured jeans provde the most amount of textile!)
  • Scraps of tees from your own t-shirt pillow to incorporate some shade!

Chelsea’s project was a 15″ x 21″ pad, so she necessary to create 34 ft. of braid to accomplish the project.

The first step: Prepared the Base

To avoid fraying for the base textile, make use of an iron to fold down the sides and a hot glue weapon to secure them in the center of the pad.

Next step: Cut the Braid Material

Before cutting the materials, it is easiest to first eliminate a complete pant leg from the pair of jeans. Then, like tracing a spiral stair situation, slice the jeans in a lengthy strip by cutting continually across the pant knee. When you’ve completed one pant knee, slice the long strip you've got created into three to four more strips of workable lengths (this helps avoid tangles inside braiding process). Repeat this action with other pant feet. Here, Chelsea utilized three pairs of jean that were different tones to bring even more shade on project.

Third Step: The Braid

Now it is time to begin the braid. Start with taking three strips, link all of them in a knot, and start braiding. As soon as you get to an-end of a strip, pair another strip along with it 3-4 inches before its end to weave it in to the braid and continue effortlessly. You can use this process to in addition incorporate pieces of fabric remaining from your own t-shirt pillow task. Once your braid has now reached the right size, tie the conclusion into a knot and cut the additional product.

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