DIY painted rugs are a

DIY Painted Rugs

steps to make a Kilim Style Painted Rugi will be at this time enthusiastic about Turkish kilim rugs. Have you ever inspected them out, you know they could be extremely high priced, and additionally they are offered in nontraditional sizes. I must say I wanted a tiny rug for my entry, nevertheless they don’t typically come as small as 2 x 3. I decided to generate a painted rug to look just like a kilim carpet!

I purchased an inexpensive cotton rug then headed on Residence Depot to obtain the products for my DIY painted rug.

Step One

I started out by finding the center of my rug, then marking it, making use of both a ruler and a sharpie.

Step Two

products required for a Do-it-yourself painted rugWhile considering my motivation photo, we used painter’s tape to produce the very first an element of the design. Although some of it should be eyeballed–the sides, for example–we made most of the outlines that made points equivalent length (2.5 inches).

Step 3

I utilized a foam brush to apply the paint.

When your paint is in the thick part increase liquid to slim it a little. You prefer it to absorb to the cotton carpet and not soleley take a seat on top.


Marking the guts spot of a small rug for a Do-it-yourself coated rug taskwhen i taped the following part of the design making use of the same dimension when it comes to things.

Step 5

We utilized a foam brush again to color nearly all of this section, but I utilized an inferior brush over the side.

Step 6

Because i needed the second the main design to-be white additionally the carpet is white, I had to tape it in reverse.

It took myself a moment to improve the way I was thinking about applying the tape when you look at the other method. The tape was covering the inside the design instead of the outside. It’s just essential which make yes your points tend to be lined up.

utilizing painter's tape to create a kilim-style design for a painted rug

Action 7

I quickly painted next area navy. I did son’t want to have to hold back for that area to dry before beginning in the pieces, and so I started regarding the finishes and worked my means toward the center. Note: hold paper towels available for when you make in pretty bad shape. We spilled hot green paint all over the floor and got paint to my fingers over and over again!

We used a tiny paint brush for smaller stripes and to get crisp lines in which the two colors satisfy.

It got be a bit tedious but I kept chanting “You are preserving such money and getting just what you prefer!” I will have placed a film on while We worked. But the entire carpet only took me personally one-day to complete.

I purchased sandpaper reasoning i might sand it slightly to make it look aged much like the vintage Turkish rugs do, however We discovered We reside with five guys and they will manage the “aging” procedure. But it is a choice should you want to go that path.

utilizing a foam brush to paint a kilim design onto a tiny cotton rug Using artist's tape to mark a kilim-style design onto a little cotton fiber rug making use of a foam brush to color a kilim design onto a rug Using painter's tape to mark down sections of a rug for a DIY painted carpet task

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