Diy patchwork rug living room

DIY patchwork rug

DIY PATCHWORK KILIM RUGRugs. Wouldn't it be quite crazy in my situation to express which they make an area? Most likely not because i believe I’ve currently said it. Grand (and true) statements apart, isn’t it fitting your items which make a place, tend to be those who would be the hardest to truly make your self? (I’m examining you Scando furniture and Kilims). But apparently not for some. In a unexpected and lovely motion, recently my boyfriend’s mum sent us this amazing patchwork rug that she made. Right from down under no less! The delivery alone would have been eye-watering.

Ends up, Margaret sewed this patchwork style rug making use of pieces of thick Kilim she had in the form upholstery material samples. Genius right? So that you can put it collectively, first she sewed a blanket stitch all the way around each rectangle so they wouldn’t fray way too much, then sewed it all collectively along the blanket stitch. Frustrating but worth it right? Love!

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