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Pom pom carpet DIY

Here at Brit + Co., we recently bonded over simply how much of course you like pom poms. All of us had a memory connected to the meaningless task of earning all of them out of spools of yarn, therefore we place our brains together and came up with a wonderful idea: use pom poms to help make one stellar project which you can use throughout the house three ways—as a rug, a wall hanging or a coffee table runner.

Now we’re maybe not gonna lay, this task takes time. Make certain you have a free of charge weekend or lots of buddies that are prepared to help you make pom poms. It'll all pay-off in the end whenever you’re left with one awesome piece of decor in your home which you can use three totally different means!

– about 10 spools of yarn (we utilized shades of blue to produce an ombre design).
– carpet pad

– scissors
– ruler

1. Reduce carpet pad to desired size. We slashed ours to 3 foot x 3 legs.
2. Begin to make pom poms, adequate to cover your carpet pad (these measures are best seen using the procedure pictures below, therefore scroll down seriously to see it for action, detail by detail!)
3. Once you've enough pom poms start tying them onto the carpet pad. Then hang it, drape it or include it towards flooring!

If the carpet pad isn’t the scale you need, after that trim it on down! This is a timely project so choose your dimensions sensibly. Then, let’s start making some pom poms! Just proceed with the measures below:

Contain the string in your hand and start to wrap. You will need to put it tight sufficient and soon you can no longer move your fingers. Don’t stress, it'sn’t painful. The more you put the denser your pom-pom will undoubtedly be.

After that you are going to slip your pom-pom off your hand. Wrap the string around the center of yarn cycle to divide it into two sections. Connect a knot so the yarn remains together. Be sure to keep an extended adequate tail in order to link it towards the carpet pad. Do you really see those loops for each part? Reduce it into perimeter and turn it into a pom pom!


We warned you before, but get ready to truly have the mid-day free for this action for the task. Time for you to tie-on your pom poms. Thread the tail through opening, straight back until the opposite side and once again straight back through opposite side. Use the cycle you just intended to connect a knot aided by the original string for the tail. This can secure your pom-pom positioned.

Carry On…

And going…

Today it might took considerable time… but exactly how awesome is this rug/wall hanging/table runner? Let’s use it!

Utilize 1: Rug. Now beware of the dimensions. I’ll warn you now, a 5 base x 5 base piece will need you the whole weekend.

Utilize 2: Table runner. We think it’s great!

Usage 3: Wall hanging. Tack it up as textured wall art.

This pom-pom utopia is very plushy and fluffy. *Major plus* We know you wish to roll all-over this ;)

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