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Arabic carpet

نَسَجَ سَجّادةً

carpeting (wall-to-wall) {noun} (also: worshipper)

Context phrases for "carpet" in Arabic

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the carpet tones beautifully aided by the wallpaper

تَتَلاءَمُ السَجّادةُ بِشَكْلٍ جَذّابٍ مع وَرَقِ الحائِطِ

the curtains don't opt for the carpet

السَتائِرُ غَيْرُ مُتَناسِقةٍ مع السَجّادةِ

your dog made chaos from the carpeting

تَبَرَّزَ الكَلْبُ على السَجّادةِ

simply how much carpet is necessary the hall?

كم من السَجّادِ نَحْتاجُ للقاعةِ؟

to roll-out the red-carpet for sb

اسْتَقْبَلَ شَخْصاً اسْتِقْبالاً حافِلاً
ثَبَّتَ سَجّاداً بِمَساميرِ تَنْجيدٍ
يَنْسُلُ السَجّادُ

it is made a stain in the carpet

لَطَّخَ السَجّادةَ

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