Pad attached carpet

Join any seams by folding right back one-piece and attracting a line on the ground along the side of others piece.

3. Apply double-sided tape.

Center double-sided tape on the line and place it into floor. Determine your seam works through center associated with tape, then peel from the lime the defensive paper on top.

4. Employ seam glue.

Press one piece of carpeting into spot, using attention to not develop folds. Employ seam adhesive along its edge to cement the pieces collectively.

5. Roll a seam.

Make use of a rolling-pin or seam roller to hit the carpeting securely from the tape. Brushing the pile may cause the seam to virtually fade away.

7. Smooth the edges.

Roll the carpeting right back therefore it retains its initial place, then drop - cannot slide - it onto the tape. Smooth the edges together with your arms so that the tape adhesive gets a great grip.

8. Trim off excess.

Trim off extra flooring with a computer program knife or a carpeting knife. Tamp the sides down by massaging the carpet utilizing the heel of hand. The stack will hide minor problems.

9. Complete with base shoe molding.

Finish by setting up or replacing the bottom shoe molding. Nail molding on baseboard, perhaps not the ground. Drill pilot holes and drive-in finishing nails. Set the heads of the final nails with a nail ready.

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