Indian Handmade Washable

Handmade Pakistani Rugs

Hand-knotted on a vertical loom to exacting criteria, these high quality rugs take four months to perform, and are weaved by our artisans with advanced level wool imported through the mountains of New Zealand additionally the finest regional wool farmers in Pakistan.

From the town of Bukhara in modern Uzbekistan – a World Heritage Site and historic center of business and grant from the ancient Silk Road trade path - Bokhara rugs had been originally woven because of the Tekke tribe, a nomadic Central Asian people.

As they beautifully complex rugs had been predominantly offered in the markets of Bukhara, they had become called following the city itself – later on also known as ‘Bokhara’. Usually featuring an exceptional elephant foot motif inside their initial incarnation, it’s reasonable to say it variety of rug has actually remained globally well-known for years and years.

Exactly what sets our Bokhara rug collection aside is the fact that through the manufacturing process, the heap is intentionally kept dramatically longer than average - generate a luxurious, luxurious level and thickness.

This unusual practice is called a ‘double pile’, and through our skillful artisans, we have the ability to achieve a silk-like experience underfoot as well as a rigorous design clarity generally missing in smaller deep stack Bokhara rugs.

Handmade to your precise requirements to fit the décor and design of your property, our highly trained professionals design each rug with an exceptional eye for elegance mixed with a-deep comprehension of your unique design demands.

Defined by shaped habits of duplicated oval or diamond shaped themes, Pakistani Bokhara rugs tend to be traditionally crafted with colors of wealthy red dye - and function rich vegetables, royal navy blues and luxurious brown tones.

At RugKnots, our hand knotted Bokhara rugs are washed solely along with normal veggie dyes - assure your piece is not only pleasing to the attention, but into the environment as well. Our top quality dyes may exceedingly durable, which means that your original carpet will stay gorgeous forever.

Providing the perfect juxtaposition of the modern and traditional in any contemporary space, choose a RugKnots handmade Bokhara rug to grace your home today.

Bokhara Rugs: Keys Specs

  • Imported wool from New Zealand & Pakistan
  • Hypoallergenic and allergy-free
  • Cruelty no-cost wool sourcing
  • Natural veggie dyes
  • Hand-knotted Persian high quality
  • An incredibly detailed 126 knots per square inch
  • Washed yourself assure a luxuriously soft heap

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