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Rugs handmade

All our rugs are responsibly sourced, we only cope with manufacturers who comprehend our quality requirements and opposition to exploitation.

The Handmade Rug Company has-been using rigid steps against child work within its manufacturing system and just purchases rugs from india which are brought in through the assistance of GoodWeave (please go to )

GoodWeave, a non-profit organization specialized in making sure no kid labour can be used in virtually any of its subscribed productions. The GoodWeave label is the best guarantee that no child labour had been used in the making of the carpet, and a portion associated with the price of labeled rugs goes to help GoodWeave schools in India and Nepal. Becoming certified by GoodWeave, weavers sign a legally binding agreement to make rugs without kid labor, and also to enable unannounced assessments of their workshops by GoodWeave agents.

So what does GoodWeave do?

GoodWeave rescues children directly through the looms and strives to deter the work and exploitation of various other kiddies. GoodWeave also inspects and certifies carpet-weaving services and authorizes usage of its trademarked label on rugs made at looms satisfying GoodWeave requirements. The certification system assists fund educational options for children and assistance and resources for households and weaving communities.

GoodWeave runs as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization aimed at helping build knowing of son or daughter labor alongside moral problems in carpeting industry. It informs, educates and lovers with designers, architects, merchants, importers and all sorts of just who love gorgeous rugs.

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