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As important as the construction is to the rug, its origin is just as integral to the design, history and workmanship of the rug.

Frequently Oriental and Persian rugs tend to be labeled interchangeably. But there's in fact a big change and “rugophiles” tend to be of this viewpoint it is a tremendously big one. Other people, less concerned with the location and politics of rugs, usually lump Persian and Oriental area rugs together. However it’s advisable that you know the distinction which means you determine what sales representatives tend to be referring to if you are buying, specially if you're looking purchasing an antique carpet. Knowing the distinctions between Persian and Oriental rugs will help you test sales people’s understanding aswell.

Rug elements of the whole world

Oriental Rugs

By the strictest meaning, Oriental rugs are rugs hand knotted just in Asia. Iran, Asia, Asia, Russia, chicken, Pakistan, Tibet and Nepal are among the biggest rug exporters.

Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are also Oriental rugs but they are made just in Iran (previously called Persia). A geniune Persian rug or carpeting is hand knotted. Persian carpet designs were once called after the city for which these people were created. As their appeal increased, these patterns became produced in other places and kept their particular original brands. Tabriz, Hamadan, Gabbeh, Heriz and Dubba are some of the most popular designs that have kept their particular local namesakes. Traits of a Persian rug feature an unusually dense stack (up to 160 knots per square inches), excessively wealthy shade combinations and unique designs.

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