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Pictures of Persian Rugs

Persian Carpet is without question probably one of the most distinguished manifestations of Iranian tradition and art, dating back to your Bronze Age. It's an iconic identification of Iran through the globe.
In 1978, the creators of Carpet Museum of Iran established it with a limited quantity of Persian carpets and Ghilims (short-napped coarse carpeting), so that you can restore and develop the skill of carpet-weaving in the nation, as well as provide a supply for satisfying demands of study in regards to the historic back ground and evolution of the art.
The Carpet Museum of Iran, having its gorgeous design and facade resembling a carpet-weaving loom is situated in Tehran. It's made up of two event galleries addressing an area of 3400 sq. meters. The floor flooring gallery is assigned for permanent events as well as the upper flooring gallery is considered the short-term events of carpets, Ghilims, and carpet designs. For more information concerning the museum, please go to:
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