Uses rag rug material for

Rag Rug material

ispydiy_rug8I’m back with another round of One information, Two DIYs, and this time i will be using a Cotton rag rug and rendering it over in 2 ways: Moroccan design print and Dip Dyed Ombre. Cotton cloth rugs are ideal for DIY tasks, you can paint them or color them, and they are an easy task to throw-in the wash…beyond versatile.

I adore the strong look of Moroccan rugs. I collected motivation from some of my favorite designs and mapped out a pattern on the carpet making use of painter’s tape. With a few brush strokes of black paint, my rugwas done. I placed it inside entryway of the studio, which I discovered was the easiest method to welcome my guests given that it really makes a statement!

Then, we used one of my favorite processes to add some color to my floor. With the help of some dye packets, I created a multicolored, ombre motif regarding rug. This system is wonderful because you can integrate your complete color scheme inside single piece to unite the space. We set the carpet facing my grey couch, also it does an amazing work of complementing my wall art and simple coffee-table.

Procedures and products after the break…

The thing you need:
Cotton Rag Rug
Painter’s tape
Paint colour of your preference

ispydiy_rug6What direction to go:
Lay carpet flat and create desired theme by placing painter’s tape in the rug.
With 1/2 inches brush, paint across the sides regarding the tape.
Remove tape through the rug and allow dried out.

The thing you need:
Cotton Rag Rug
2 packets of Tulip dip-dye
Container of liquid

What you should do:
Fill a container with one gallon of hot-water.
Pour the total articles of the dye packet into the liquid and blend until mixed.
Roll carpet, then submerge textile into dye mix and let remain for 30 seconds.
Gradually eliminate material to obtain an ombre impact.
If you are utilizing two colors, replicate this process from the reverse region of the rug.

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