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Turkish carpets

an array of rugs at a store in Istanbul, chickenLess than just about every day after arriving to Istanbul, we ended up buying a carpet.


Meeting a family group Buddy

Before showing up to Istanbul, a relative of Angie’s told us about a very good buddy of hers just who lives in Istanbul. She stated he’d show us around and tell us slightly towards town, so that it sounded like a wonderful idea.

an array of rugs at a store in Istanbul, TurkeyHe in addition sold Turkish rugs for a full time income, so we believed it’d be pretty cool to speak with somebody who works within popular trade to understand a little bit more about a topic we knew so small about.

We went out to supper at a fantastic regional restaurant and got to ask all of our burning questions regarding Istanbul, chicken, therefore the important subject, the neighborhood meals. We'd learned that our new friend was not just in Turkish rug business, but had additionally owned a restaurant, resort, and several carpet stores throughout Istanbul that he has since sold.

The rug we bought in Istanbul, chickenBy the termination of the meal we knew what was coming, in which he requested whenever we wanted to visit their store the following day.

Certain, why don't you? We hadn’t been into a carpet store yet, together with experience sounded more fulfilling than wandering into an arbitrary one in the Grand Bazaar with a pushy salesperson who can’t simply take no for an answer.

Without any obligations on our part, we headed towards shop the second early morning.

The Importance of Knowing a man

The conventional carpet purchasing expertise in Istanbul is a grand spectacle, one we received as well during our visit to our friend’s rug store.

Generally, an interested consumer is wowed because of the collection of rugs since they are presented in front of them in a stylized way while deciding which kind is the correct fit. This will be all while being given free beverage, raki, or whatever else you desire (aided by the more elaborate comp corresponding to the amount of money you may invest, naturally).

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